Talentio chooses DaXtra Technologies for their CV parsing technology


CV parsing

DaXtra and Talentio, a young Japanese ATS and recruitment software provider, announce a technological partnership to bring DaXtra’s high accuracy CV parsing technology with full Japanese language support to Talentio’s 800+ customers. Talentio will integrate and embed the DaXtra Parser function in order to facilitate automatic extraction of factual information from resumes and CVs submitted… Read more »

Recruitment Technology in 2018: Asia Rises Amid Improved Matching Technology and New Privacy Regulations


By Andrei Mikheev, CEO DaXtra Technologies 2018 is well underway and the pace of life and work in the digital economy continues to accelerate. We are all familiar with the major themes of the day: China’s continued rise; the shifting of trading relationships following political changes in the United States and Europe; and technology’s encroachment… Read more »

5 UK tech providers ploughed $130M into Australia


UK flag Australia

James Henderson from ARN published an article today explaining that the collaboration between the UK and Australia in the technology sector reached new heights during 2017, with five UK-based providers investing more than $130 million into the local market. “Creating 155 jobs in the process, the arrivals of DaXtra Technologies; Quantexa; NCC Group; Contino and… Read more »

Rich Data, Poor Data


Better quality candidate data can give you an edge Are you interested in getting more out of your recruiting or staffing CRM? Perhaps the candidate data being pulled in when you search the internet for resumes is sketchy or spotty at best. Insufficient information could make you miss that perfect candidate. Rich data extraction is what… Read more »

How to build a robust tech ecosystem


This article was originally published in The Global Recruiter  TECHNOLOGY – Sergei Makhmodov, CEO Asia, DaXtra Technologies explains how to build a robust tech ecosystem. It’s clear as another year ends that the traditional recruitment business is far from dead – despite warnings that the encroachment of various tech companies would soon kill it off…. Read more »

DaXtra now parses in Bulgarian


The latest language added to the growing list of DaXtra Parsers’ fully supported languages is Bulgarian. Consistently benchmarked as the highest overall, in CV/resume parsing accuracy across multiple languages, DaXtra provides the most comprehensive and accurate resume parsing solution available in the industry. Languages for multiple regions include all European, most Eastern European and many Asian languages and… Read more »

Spinning Plates: Cognitive Overload and the Recruitment Process


Have you or others in your office been experiencing more days where an increasing number of tasks are inundating you, and in the attempt to juggle and multitask, you get nothing done? It’s like a spinning plate act, where you’re frantically attempting to keep a multitude of plates spinning on poles…. The frequency of these… Read more »

It’s time to accelerate the evolution of Japan’s recruitment industry


Daxtra Japan

By Koichi Yano, Country Manager at DaXtra Technologies Japan You heard it here first: After slowly building a Japan client base from Hong Kong for the past few years, DaXtra has decided it is time to open an office in Tokyo. Didn’t DaXtra recently open another new office in Sydney? Why Tokyo and why now?… Read more »