October 16-18, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

DaXtra Technologies is proud to be a part of ERE’s Recruiting Conference 2017, a community-led and driven event that prepares and equips talent acquisition and recruitment professionals with everything they could possibly need to do their jobs better.

Hosted by ERE, the industry’s most-trusted resource of news and information for the last 20 years, this is where pressing TA challenges are solved, aspiring recruiters and talent acquisition managers become leaders, and leaders grow into trusted advisers. The networking opportunities are second to none, and together, through adviser-led hands on training, presentations, and small group discussions, attendees will return to the office with real solutions to their most pressing challenges. They will also leave with a new group of indispensable peers, mentors, and advisers that can be called on to discuss specific topics or to just share ideas and progress updates.

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20% Off Registration for ERE Recruiting Conference

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Learn more about ERE’s Recruiting Conference.




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