UK recruitment conference


Join us for a day of networking and debates! 

The UK Recruitment Conference will take place in London on Wednesday 15th November. During the course of the day the UK’s leading recruitment experts will be brought together to cover a multitude of topics relevant to our sector; technology, client development, candidate engagement and experience, agency/in-house relationships, social media and sales/driving results. As with previous events most sessions will be a mixture of speaker-led learning and group-led debate and discussion. Whilst some sessions will be more focused on in-house and some more for agencies, the audience will be made up of anyone from within the recruitment space.

DaXtra will be leading a workshop session in the afternoon, if you’d like to register please contact us on 0207 801 6323.

More information about the event

If you enjoyed the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase in June no doubt you’ll enjoy this conference too!

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